About Us

Welcome to NCNWShop.com, where style meets solidarity & empowerment is always in fashion!

Back in 2017, this (pre-boutique) was born out of a simple observation: a lack of locally available NCNW merchandise in Los Angeles. Arnetta Mack, a member of the View Park Section, sought to change that.

Starting with just two pin styles, mainly for her section, Arnetta's wares quickly gained traction. As she sourced additional pieces, the availability of her items spread quickly through word of mouth and on social media. What began as a local endeavor has since blossomed into a nationwide sensation, serving thousands of customers across 40 states. NCNWShop.com got the attention of the National NCNW office, and Arnetta was invited to become the FIRST OFFICIALLY LICENSED VENDOR for NCNW, Inc., an "organization or organizations" founded in 1935 by Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune. 

Our curated collection boasts high-quality NCNW items that blend fashion with purpose. From chic accessories to statement pieces, each purchase represents a commitment to empowerment and excellence.

We routinely highlight significant occasions on our website and financially support social causes such as Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness through donations from product sales.

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Join us as we continue to expand our offerings and celebrate the enduring legacy of the National Council of Negro Women. 

Arnetta Mack, Owner & Operator


Arnetta Mack is a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of leadership roles. She serves as a Commissioner for the L.A. County Small Business Commission, an Executive Board Member for the Los Angeles South Chamber of Commerce, Director of Grants & Partnerships for the Southern California First Jurisdiction COGIC, and is a recent graduate of the African American Board Leadership Institute, to name a few. She is also the immediate past president of the NCNW View Park Section and serves on the National REACH Committee.

In 1995, Arnetta departed corporate America to pursue full-time stay-at-home parenting, and ultimately, entrepreneurship. Since 1996, Arnetta has been at the helm of Mack Enterprises Unlimited, a business specializing in graphic design, printing, communications consulting, and event management.

Beyond her professional & entrepreneurial endeavors, Arnetta is a passionate globetrotter, curating immersive cultural experiences for herself, her family, and adventurous groups. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, since 2021, she has explored destinations far and wide, including Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Thailand, Cuba, Belize, Honduras, Mexico, Puerto Rico and numerous points of interest across the United States.

She has two adult children (one in Los Angeles & one in Milwaukee), and is the proud Ganna of her grand-doll Gia.